Dr. Joanne Messenger


Dr Jo helps people just like you, to reach their highest potential without turning their life upside down. In a world where stress over money, health, relationships and time dominate, Dr Jo Messenger has defied the trend. She knows you don’t have to be born rich to get wealthy, or have a healing gift to restore health or have the relationship of your dreams. Like you, she knows what it’s like to have a vague idea rather than a crystal clear plan… the fear of never feeling quite ready… and the desire for things to happen much faster and safer than they’ve been so far. Dr Jo didn’t wait for everything to be perfect, she knew in her heart that excellent was okay. She’s authored two books and co-authored a third, taught courses internationally, and been in private practice for 35 years. Dr Jo is just the person to help lift you into alignment with your true self and what you’re born for, rather than settling for less.

Dr. Joanne Messenger's Offer at SAS2017 Summit :

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