Dirk Van Loon


Dirk Van Loon is a passionate Entrepreneur, Coach, and Transformation Expert based in Belgium. His expertise lies in a multitude of fields, including Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, and Transition Management. He is also adept in Operations and Project Management, Business Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. Dirk honed his entrepreneurial and personal development skill set at renowned Universities such as the University of Antwerp and Flanders Business School (partnership with Chicago University) where he obtained his Master of Business Administration degree.

About Dirk Van Loon :

Currently, Dirk is a proud business owner of a consulting company that has helped others achieve their business goals for over a decade. With “stable growth” as the primary goal, Dirk and his dedicated team have guided and supported countless individuals and organisations alike through various challenges pertaining to ever-growing competition and the increase of pressure on performance. Via a very methodical approach, his business successfully and efficiently sets up budgets, P & L’s, and the must-have control & monitor systems to safeguard exceptional results. Throughout the years, Dirk has held numerous positions of Leadership. He has served as the Process Transformer & Project Manager at Nike, the Project Manager for Company Atlas Copco, a Transformation Manager of Company AB-Inbev, a General Manager at Company Bare International, and many more.

To date, Dirk is one of the most sought-after Transformation Experts in the area. He is entirely dedicated to bettering the life of each and every client and aims to share his in-depth hands-on experience with as many people as possible. For more information about his various life-altering programs, please feel free to contact him!

Mark Zuckerberg has created a mass movement in social media, but beyond that he has become an influential leader in his company and throughout the world. He leads his team by allowing them to share ideas, be accessible to his employees and he doesn’t believe in having a hierarchy. The old way of thinking is gone. Facebook focuses less on job titles and more on collaboration and creativity.

According to best-selling author Dirk Van Loon, influence must be shared, communicated, and amplified at a mass level to generate a successful movement. No matter what you want whether it’s to start the next Facebook, be a good supervisor at your job or even coaching a top athlete, you have to know how to influence others. You have the ability to change the world.

Can you influence the masses? Yes, you can! Stop asking yourself these old questions:

  • Is hierarchy the way for you?
  • Is it all about who is right?
  • Is it only done right if you do it yourself?

Most people think influence comes automatically. To create lasting effects and create change, it’s time for you to LEAD.

  • Live in the moment: Be present physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually: Stop doing what you’re doing and focus on the person.
  • Energy: The energy in a situation is critical. Your level of energy is the most important thing in a situation.
  • Acknowledge: Praise people, acknowledge their strengths, and express appreciation.
  • Develop LUV every person you meet over the next 30 days. Practice Listening, Uplifting and Validating every person even if you don’t know them. Magic will happen!

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